Wednesday, 2 August 2017

A stealthy approach

I decided to have a go at photographing some Little Owls after work yesterday so armed with my camera and a good degree of determination I set off. On approach I saw a couple of Little Owls some way off so very slowly drove the car towards them, stopped, turned off the engine and looked through the camera, all very slowly and without making any noise.

But I was just slightly obscured so needed to inch forward another few feet. OK here goes and hopefully the car starting again won't spook them. I started the engine, bird still present....then three seconds later the radio blasted out some news story....rapidly moving my arm I managed to silence it but then the car had moved quite close to some vegetation.... off went the "your getting too close to the vehicle in front" alarm...where's the button to turn it off ? after fumbling around the dashboard I found it, silenced it and then moved back to grab the camera and stuck my elbow on the horn !

What a twit ! But luckily the Little Owl hadn't moved. So I grabbed some pictures. I swear at one stage I saw it quietly laughing.

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