Sunday, 23 October 2016

Wrong call

22 October 2016
Tom Bedford up in Norfolk from landlocked Oxford to see a few autumn migrants with a morning to spare, so where to go ? We decided on Burnham Overy Dunes, then with news of a Pallas's Warbler and a dead Fin Whale overnight I decided to avoid the crowds and "do" Warham Greens. As we drove past Burnham Overy Dunes BOD early next morning there were only two cars at the pull in , so no crowds, but sticking to plan (plan B) we headed to Warham.

A good time, with lots of Goldcrests, Brandlings and Thrushes. Nothing rare but a great walk and migrants a plenty if only common ones. The fantasy of tripping over a Siberian Rubythroat was of course just that. We started our return trip due to domestic time constraints and then the pager beeped a Mega. Where was it ? ... well at Burnham Overy Dunes of course, where we had decided to go before I changed the morning venue ... oops ... what was it ? an Isabelline Wheatear ..oops again  :(

So with just enough time to swerve into BOD and yomp down to see the Isi, we didn't really discuss how, if we'd stuck to plan A, we may have found that particular rarity. We arrived amid a fair few birders and saw the Isabelline Wheatear. Pics here:

Tom returned to Hunstanton and I tried the Paddocks at Holme, but very little was moving.
Then home. Evening wondering where to go the next day. Tom was nailed in Hunny but I started to lay plan for an early blast to BOD.....................

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