Saturday, 8 October 2016

It's big

Thursday 6 October 2016
I haven't been to Winterton Dunes for probably twenty years and I had forgotten just quite how big the area was. I met up with Steve Rooke at first light and while it was still quite windy the easterlies were not as strong as we had hoped and the overnight and early morning rain hadn't materialised, a shame as we were hoping that would force some migrants down.
Winterton Dunes (apologies for the copyright on photos - forgot to upload without it )

Some Continental Robins and Song Thrushes were the first few birds and Steve picked up a Lesser Whitethroat. I then heard a Lapland Bunting flying overhead which was joined by two others and eventually they settled a way off and allowed the intrepid Mr Rooke some scope views.

We walked a mile or so through the dunes and ended up on a wooded track were we had been told there was a Yellow-browed Warbler. Locating the Tit flock I found myself looking at a Yellow-browed but it was so fast I was unable to photograph it. Steve then found a Firecrest which was slightly more obliging (always a leaf in the way) but still a challenge as it was in a dark wooded area.

Two Common Cranes, Siskin, Stonechat, several Sparrowhawks, Brambling and more Redwings were the only other notables. We adjourned to the beach cafe around midday for a well deserved if somewhat late breakfast.

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