Saturday, 8 October 2016

ISO 1600

7 October 2016
Grey day, but a great day with easterlies in October and on the North Norfolk Coast. I joined Oli for a day's birding along the coast. We had decided to avoid any crowds and look for our own stuff, never mind the Radde's Warblers at Wells and Holkham, we were going to find our own. We started at Stiffkey Campsite were I quickly located a Yellow-browed Warbler.

We then walked onto Warham Greens and saw Ring Ouzel, loads of Robins, some Continental ones, Song Thrushes agogo and hordes of Goldcrests.

There was news of a Red-breasted Flycatcher at the end of Garden Drove and we saw a small group of people in a field corner looking high into the trees. We decided to make our own way along the path past this as another bird had been seen further along the track, so continuing with our "avoid the crowds" strategy we walked past the Rb Fly and headed west. Within 25 yards the Red-breasted Flycatcher flew over the hedge and down onto the track in front of us. Oli was ready, I wasn't ! but luckily it showed for a good twenty seconds and flitted up into the scrub where I eventually managed to photograph it.
We continued west to search for the second bird but to no avail. We did however bump into a flock of some 30 Bramblings
A Redstart accompanied part of our walk but always distant and with the light dropping fast, pictures were poor at best.
It's a good walk along this part of the coastal path, with the marsh on one side and some good cover on the other. The Marsh itself was host to the usual waders and newly arrived Geese, lots of little Egrets and in a filed edge some Black-tailed Godwits.

The day ended as it started with a Yellow-browed Warbler, hordes of Goldcrests and fast disappearing light. The camera spent most of it's day at iso 1600 and I spent most of the day continuously looking at birds. No biggie but a great day.

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