Saturday, 9 May 2015

end of April

This saw a couple of visits to Snettisham, the first being a quick look for a Little Bunting that had been present a few days. The bird was quite tricky to see as it spent most of it's time grovelling around under the buckthorn or perched up and disappearing quickly. Luckily on my visit the bird was showing but a way off for a few minutes and then disappeared. Managed a long distance, heavily cropped, record shot: although a bit like the previous Lapland Buntings, it was in fine spring plumage and the best looking Little Bunting I've seen.

a second visit a few days later and the Bunting had gone, but there were at least six Ring Ouzels around, although very jumpy. Plus an obliging Meadow Pipit showing off some fresh plumage.
 Returning home in time to catch a bit of the local cricket and this run out (which according to the umpire wasn't).
but it was !

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