Saturday, 26 July 2014

Waders waders waders

In the last few evenings Titchwell has provided some great views of waders. The first quarry was Wood Sandpiper. These were feeding quite close to the path and a quick scan round the mud revealed some six birds then further out on the reserve and at least another five birds but I was armed with my camera and not my scope so probably loads more. While photographing this bird another flock of seven flew overhead calling. The new(isn) hide at Titchwell which has received mixed reviews.

 Wood Sands

 Black-tailed Godwits were in fine plumage still and while a little further out some did fly over the path on occasions.

 showing wing moult
And then there were the Spotted Redshanks, a few still is summer plumage and others in varying states of dress

While watching one of the Spotted Redshanks feeding, it started to have a problem getting it's fish down. A small stickleback had become wedged at the base of it's bill and it took a good ten minutes for the bird to get it re aligned in order to swallow it. Here the bird first catches it's prey.... all looking ok so far....
The stickleback manages to get sideways and with it's spines wedges itself so the Spotshank cannot move it.
There followed a good ten minutes of the bird quivering it's bill in an attempt to move the fish. Heavy crop here, or a blocked crop !
This is where the fish remained until eventually the Spotshank got it down - a relief to the bird and to me watching it. So a quick wing stretch and back to feeding.

Other birds around were Lapwing, Avocet, Little EgretRuff and Common Tern

and best of all.... I was virtually on my own. It seems after about 6.30pm the reserve is almost empty. By 7.30pm I was the only person ( I could see ) on the reserve. Fantastic :)

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