Thursday, 3 July 2014

Marsh things

All about chicks and Marsh birds today - so good to see after the Storm Surge that the local marshes are recovering (not so further east along the coast sadly). It seems that the deluge of rainwater in the weeks following the storm surge helped desalinate the ground. Added to that the water was taken off as quickly as possible and measures put in to help stop the subsequent high tides re breaching the marshes.

So I was lucky enough to get a quick view of breeding success at Deepdale Marsh. Here some Avocets doing the broken wing display - very convincing

 You could almost feel sorry for them - then off they fly having led you away from the chicks

Also Oystercatcher and Little Egret

and the best was left for the end with Little Ringed Plover
here a juvenile Little Ringed Plover

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