Saturday, 7 June 2014

What a Spectacle....

Friday 7 June 2014
A male Spectacled Warbler had been at Burnham Overy Dunes for four days, was very settled and even building a nest, so I thought it was about time I took a stroll as it was only some 15 minutes from home. I have always loved Burnham Overy Staithe and the morning's walk was no exception with the glorious sunshine making the harbour look superb. Little Egrets were in the creeks as Oli and I started our walk from the harbour along the sea wall.
Little Egrets are pretty common now around the harbours and on the Saltmarsh but always a joy to see.
 Little Erget in reflective mood
There were very few people about which was a bit of a surprise but then the Spectacled had been there for four days and all the hardcore listers would have already seen it so with news that it had been seen at 6 am (it was now 7am) we continued with baited excitement. En route along the wall Redshanks were doing their thing and calling for any available post.
Half an hour or so later we reached the Dunes, turned west and joined a group of some eight people. The Spectacled Warbler was showing well, singing, song flighting and in the process of building two nests. Absolutely fantastic, no crowds a lovely warm and sunny morning and a male Spectacled Warbler. Keeping a respectfull distance meant photography wasn't easy as the bird was small and very active, but just occasionally it would sit up on a piece of Sueda and sit still for a few seconds.
Here some of the heavily cropped snaps:

 Collecting nesting material and singing at the same time ..

Two hours watching this with crowds never exceeding a dozen people, were we really in Norfolk watching a second for the county ? (the first eight years ago which only a few people saw).  Too good to be true so we left - the right decision as more people started to turn up. Grey Partridge and four Spoonbills were an added bonus. Burnham Overy Dunes -photo by Oli.
The walk back and Lapwings were feeding in the creeks.

and a Little Tern on a fishing jaunt did a nice fly by to draw our early morning to a close.

The day however belonged to this cracking little Sylvia Warbler

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