Monday, 30 June 2014

Tonight's Walk

So it was the usual walk with the dog on a lovely evening, after a day of staring at paperwork. First part of the walk is tedious as it's along the road which can sometimes be quite busy. Thankfully tonight only two cars.
but after a while a small track appears to the left and that's the cue for Teasel to go "off lead"
this track joins with another, which if taken one way will eventually join up with The Peddars Way (haven't been that far yet) or going back to the village.
 Wheat, Barley and Potatoes are current crops

 The track down to the Peddars Way
Coming back into the village with a dog full of sweethearts

 Now the trick here is to walk past ! I find if I don't take any money then it's easy.
All in all a couple of miles, a tired dog which did about six ! and an evening ahead of picking bits of vegetation out of the hound .

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