Sunday, 8 June 2014

Early morning walk

A family morning out, all four of us, me Sam, Tom and the dog and a visit to Titchwell before the crowds. I was hoping for Bearded Tits to photograph, Tom and Sam were looking forward to the beach and the dog had no idea because it was a dog.

En route we went past Fring where I had recently seen a Grey Partridge frequenting a rather nice  garden by the side of the road. Each time I had been without a camera, so assumed that as I had my camera this time, it would be absent - But ! it wasn't (absent that is, it was present).
So on the Titchwell. We walked down the track and to the sea. A couple of Red-crested Pochards were on a distant pool, Avocets were courting all over the place and being generally aggressive to anything near them and two Spoonbills loafed around at the back of the reserve.
So to the sea and while Sam, Tom and dog went west I headed east. Little Egret was the first quarry:
Then it was some Bar-tailed Godwits
and Turnstones
Then looking back I could hear Tom who had found some crabs and was generally whizzing around in the surf.
more beach shots also featuring the hound from hell
 This dog (below) recently came second in the most appealing eyes section of the Deepdale Wildlife and Outdoor Festival - God knows what came third and fourth ! Teasel in full flight
 Trying to restore some degree of fluffiness

So we left the beech and returned before the hordes arrived - two reflective moments a Little Tom and a Little Egret.

 Sadly no time to wait for the Bearded Tits to start showing so had to content myself with some Black-headed Gulls feeding over the Marsh pools.

and back home in time for breakfast and a day's gardening - nice !

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