Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Stoatel Mayhem

1 December 2013
So off to work as usual, then a call from Sam at home to say all hell had broken loose .... screaming and  screeching noises from a Rabbit running into the garden with a Stoat on it's back ! Apparently the entire street could hear the screams from the Rabbit, not Sam. Clearly an event was happening so I turned back and headed home.
On arrival I expected a "gone happening" however Sam told me the Rabbit and Stoat had disappeared into the bushes. I stalked it, the bush ! And to my amazement the beasts were still within. Thereafter an event followed which I have to say wasn't pleasant, but was red in tooth and claw as they say.

So Mr Stoat......

Sadly the principal character..... this animal above, had half dragged and been dragged by the Rabbit down through the garden. There then ensued a fight, the Rabbit hunkering down to the ground to stop the Stoat from getting to it's underside. The Stoat was frantic in it's attack and kept trying to get underneath the Rabbit. As I was watching I was tempted to intervene, but for so many reasons I restrained, though I have to say it was fairly upsetting. The Rabbit seemed to know it's fate yet fought in it's way to the end. Here the Stoat pausing for it's next attack.
 and finally going in for the kill around the neck.
All in all pretty unpleasant to watch as the Rabbit seemed so helpless. But amazing for another animal so much smaller, to be the top predator. The finale was the Stoat dragging off the Rabbit - job done.

I returned to work hoping that the unfortunate Rabbit would keep the Stoat going for quite a while. I recall seeing this many years ago and found it equally fascinating and upsetting.