Tuesday, 30 April 2013

At the feeders again

Wednesday 30 April 2013
Last day of the month and a quick evening go at the feeders. Nothing new on the nuts, but Willow Warbler singing in the garden was nice. Also two Buzzards mobbing a very large corvid which I only saw for a few seconds and would have to say was a Raven. But I shan't say that as I didn't get a long enough view and they are rare around here, sure it was though ! Whitethroats holding territory in the hedge in Station Road. Blue Tits in the garden were doing their acrobatic thing.....

  and a male Greenfinch joined in, but more sedately on the nuts
 I heard some noise down at he base of the feeders so carefully looked round, low down, to see a female Pheasant scuttle past, then as I peered through the foliage, this male Pheasant was probably as surprised as I was !
blooming weird looking things close up ( I ran for it! )

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