Monday, 8 April 2013

around the feeders

6 April 2013

So a lovely morning, cold but clear and an hour spent spotting in the garden.... first of all was a surprise in the form of a new bird for the garden..... Bullfinch
It spent a while picking the buds off a bush and reminded me of a time when I was just thirteen and you could get half a shilling for dead Bullfinches sent somewhere... probably "Kent Cherry Orchards r' us"  
You can see the bud sepals falling here....
So after this excitement it was back to watching the feeders... and the following
 Blue Tit was one of the first
 Then Greenfinch
 and then Siskin.... this. one of three birds coming in of probably about ten using the churchyard opposite. Their calls in the morning almost the dominant sound.
 I have therefore decided the collective noun for Siskins here is ....a peel of Siskins......
 Not to be outdone in the "gaudy stakes" and Goldfinches arrive
 then the bully boys
 back to a Blue Tit and finally a Robin holding court

so there it is, the feeders.... next " the story and times of Piers the Moorhen [' !

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