Wednesday, 24 April 2013

a "Little" surprise

Wednesday 24 April 2013
Down on Deepdale Marsh (sounds like the beginning of a book !) and this superb Little Gull graced the reeds and pools. Smallest Gull in the world and I would say one of the nicest. Poor light meant ISO speeds of 1000 plus so pictures a bit grainy, especially when cropped in.
 the pink underparts flush just visible here

hugely cropped picture showing a few residual unmoulted or is it unworn winter feathers ?
and just to finish on a this day in history.... in 2005 on 24 April I saw this Saker (no streaks on the  vent )  along the Chooseley road. It had a jessie but for a few seconds I thought I was onto something big ! The bird hung around for a month or so and moulted a fair bit during that time.

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