Sunday, 24 March 2013

New home

24 March 2013
Yup, the second move in under a year. Pentney to Shouldham in June 2012 and now Shouldham to Stanhoe March 2013 and it has made me feel my age ! Still we have it rented for two years so some time to relax.

It is closer to work and most importantly closer to Tom's school at Wells-next-the-Sea for Septmebrer. The house was chosen instantly by me when I saw the garden. Having suffered a bit at Shouldham with a small garden which was on view to the world, we now have a large garden which is private.

So far the highlights have been five Bramblings, a regular Barn Owl that hunts in the fields opposite and flies through our garden (post now in position) and a pair of Moorhens using the pond, plus they have a chick.

There are also Blue Tits, Great Tits and Greenfinches, all rarities at Shoulham, but so far no House Sparrows. When I find the card reader I'll be able to post some photos. And of course we have snow.

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