Tuesday, 19 February 2013

The Eagle has landed

Monday 16 February 2013
And that is how it stayed.... landed. News of a White-tailed Eagle a few miles inland from the shop had me and Tom zipping out late afternoon to see if we could find it (leaving Sam doing the demos) . It had been seen at 1pm but sadly stayed presumably sat on the ground or in a tree and didn't show to the dozen or so people looking for it for the rest of the afternoon.

I did however see a ringtail Hen Harrier and a Woodlark while scanning the skies for a flying barn door ! There were distant Barn Owls but none came close for any decent pictures.
 After a while Tom and I walked down part of the Peddars Way and startled a few Roe Deer
 which disappeared off over the fields with the Barn Owl
Tom then found a Fen trap which we decided was probably legally set, but sprung it anyway as it was very close to the road and the entrance did seem too open, in fact Tom nearly put his hand in as he didn't know what it was. Had he done so it would have surely crushed his bones. I think I will inform the Police Wildlife Liason Officer for that reason alone.

A few more Barn Owls, in fact seven in all, and one quite close so I did the usual creeping
 and as I was creeping along the hedge, the Barn Owl flying off,  I heard a movement turned round and was startled by this stag !
 So no Eagle but a nice couple of hours, even Tom enjoyed some of it ! And a final Barn Owl

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