Monday, 4 February 2013

It's a sign

Monday 4 February 2013
And the usual drive into work, but on a beautiful morning - sunshine. Ok it was very cold but at least it wasn't raining. Just on the edge of the village and in the stubble edge of a field were some twentyYellowhammers, a great sight and the most I have seen in one group around Shouldham. Then it was the turn of some Curlew.

A bit further on and with a bit of time in hand I tried a small diversion round some fields that look excellent for Barn Owl and where I have seen them just a couple of times. Yesterday I saw three different birds but had left my camera behind. I was hoping they would still be out feeding after the poor weather. The fields revealed nothing ! So I turned into the small village and there on the opposite bank at the side of the road, a white white blob, surely it couldn't be an Owl. Slamming to a halt, taking the appropriate driving precautions of course. And yes there was a Barn Owl in the grass.
Now trying to take pictures from inside the car was proving very difficult, I had to keep the engine running and was continually looking for passing cars. So nothing for it but to creep out out of the car and see if I could get a snap before it flew off. Problem is, when you open the car door the birds always fly off. I tried to predict where it would fly to, but was stumped, big open field or back down the road ? the options were poor and no nice posts for it to sit on. A few cars passed, the blob stayed put. Engine off, hazards on and I crept out. It flew immediately !

But it flew onto the only post around, I hadn't thought of that, it stayed I snapped a few then off it flew. Neither of us had done more than 30 mph or pics.
 Shooting into the light didn't help and I was shaking with excitement so couldn't hold the camera still enough for a sharp pic - but it captured the moment.

 Could be a caption shot ?

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