Sunday, 16 September 2012

Look up !

Saturday 16 September
After battling the traffic round King's Lynn I was en route to the coast for an afternoon of photography at Deepdale Marsh. However I had to call in at the "shop lock up store" at Heacham briefly. On arrival, jumped out of the car and started to open the gates when I heard a familiar buggling/trumpeting noise, familiar that is in Poland ! I was momentarily transported to the fields behind the house at Gluchowo which are often full of Cranes - so snapping back to Norfolk reality I looked up and there were two Common Cranes circling overhead, calling and soaring on a thermal. Fantastic, my first "Crane find" in the UK.

I watched them for about five minutes as they soared and continued to call, sometimes dangling legs, but generally just being Cranes !

 They then headed off north-east
I wasn't quite so lucky on the Marsh however, and using my car as a hide didn't really work so no Spoonbill pictures sadly, still lovely to be sat there for a few hours.

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