Thursday, 17 May 2012

Sunny and no rain ... What ???

16 May 2012
Yup this was the day that the forecasters said would be sunny, no rain and the best day of the month so far ! Well it was sunny so in the morning a visit to West Acre. The scape was very quiet with just five Gadwall, four Shelduck and Morehens than you could shake a stick at. The walk back to the car park was more productive with Hobby overhead and Whitethroats singing all over the place. The sun drenched fields had Linnets and Skylarks. As we ( Sam and I ) meandered back, the high pitched trilling of some Long-tailed Tits caught my ear and in the bushes we saw a family group being fed.
 A couple of young birds here showing the duller plumage of the adult and dark chocolate coloured facial mask, and below the adult (left) with a young bird.
The adult birds were having a hard job keeping up with feeding their five offspring. 
An interesting thing about Long-tailed Tits is that their very long tail, over half the length of the bird, is the longest tail of any British bird in proportion to its body.
Fed and fluffy

A Great Spot watched all the commotion
and overhead one of some six Buzzards seen that morning, they are becoming more common round here at last.

That's it back to the rain now.....

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