Thursday, 1 March 2012

A good Hare day.....

Thursday 1 March 2012
A beautiful morning, albeit a very foggy one in the Nar Valley. But on the coast it was lovely and after a few hours at the shop I was heading home. One of the fields had loads of Hares in it so I stopped. They all ran off and seemingly disappeared. So I  decided to do a bit of creeping. Downwind and moving slowly enabled me to get close to them, and in fact very close as I moved in very slowly. It seems if they can't smell or hear you, you're in !

So some of the results below:

 Run Rabbit run rabbit....oops run hare... run just doesn't sound right !

 He/She could definitely see me, but perhaps because there was no smell (honestly there wasn't) and no noise he/she wasn't entirely sure what was going on. We watched one another for a good five minutes, then off  it went.

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