Sunday, 11 March 2012

I haven't got the foggiest....

Sunday 11 March 2012
So an early start, 5am, for a high tide spectacular at Snettisham. Flask made up, gear sorted and out to the car. Hmmm thick fog. Bound to burn off I felt, so on to Snets. Arrived before 6am and romped to the end pit to await the wader flocks. I heard the Knot, and saw a few, go over in the mist. Rest of morning had some mist and while the birds were on the move, most of the spectacle was hidden.
Not knowing which way to turn in the mist....
 That said, there were some Knot flying over and a calling Lapland Bunting
the waders massed on the mudflats, with a few Avocets here, but rose high into the mist and flew over to the pits. Given a few hours I am sure the mist would have lifted and the views on the pits would have been great, but work called so I couldn't dally
 and so all in all the "Attenborough moment" was elusive this morning. Back then along the shore and some Dunlin and Ringed Plover obliged.
though this Dunlin was bored with the weather and decided on a quick kip amidst the glistening shingle
 Ringed Plovers were stationed out along the shoreline
 Overhead Oystercatchers went in and out of the mist

A brief look at Titchwell on the way to the shop and some more Knot along the shoreline
and Razorshells on the beech

 while at Burnham Deepdale this unfortunate young Porpoise had been stranded by the tide

 But on a happier note, many birds were realising Spring was just round the corner and starting the ernest business of nest building.... Skylarks were singing and I was reminded that a few hours in North Norfolk wasn't that bad... Spotted Redshank 6, Red-necked Grebe 2, Velvet Scoter 2, Coues's Arctic Redpoll 1, Long tailed Ducks 4Siskin 9, and more waders than you could shake a stick (or camera) at.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

A good Hare day.....

Thursday 1 March 2012
A beautiful morning, albeit a very foggy one in the Nar Valley. But on the coast it was lovely and after a few hours at the shop I was heading home. One of the fields had loads of Hares in it so I stopped. They all ran off and seemingly disappeared. So I  decided to do a bit of creeping. Downwind and moving slowly enabled me to get close to them, and in fact very close as I moved in very slowly. It seems if they can't smell or hear you, you're in !

So some of the results below:

 Run Rabbit run rabbit....oops run hare... run just doesn't sound right !

 He/She could definitely see me, but perhaps because there was no smell (honestly there wasn't) and no noise he/she wasn't entirely sure what was going on. We watched one another for a good five minutes, then off  it went.