Friday, 23 September 2011

Plainly quiet...

23 September 2011

A beautiful late afternoon visit to West Acre and all was fairly quiet. Two Green Sandpipers were on the pool and some thirty Teal, but little else. All was quiet, the Teal were snoozing, the Pipers were resting, and no doubt quietly piping to themselves... (I'll remember to focus on the eye next time)
 even this Dragonfly wanted a bit of quiet and a rest.
 and then from the hill (small one, it is Norfolk after all) came this plane screaming overhead. Two of them zapping past. Subsequent research reveals them to be Hawke T.1's from Lossiemouth. Now where did I put that anorak?

Break a leg.....

23 September 2011

With the news that Sam's ankle is still broken (after being in plaster for three months and three months recovery!), a visit to the hospital for an op to insert, screws, plates and bone grafts, has rather curtailed the birding in the last week. However I did come across an enormous Puffball - I know they get big- apparently up to 16inches across - but this one is the biggest I've seen yet. Must have looked great when crisp and new.

and on a blustery day this ruffled Grey Heron

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Wildlife revisited

17 September 2011

A zip back in time, just for the day to my old home when aged  0 - 14yrs and a whiz round Richmond Park and the Terrace Gardens at the top of Richmond Hill. Just a few pics of Squirrels, on exactly the same path as forty odd years ago and the deers of the park looking as majestic as ever.

 Ok so this one looks really silly, almost stuffed (full of acorns) , but it was alive honest.