Thursday, 25 August 2011


25 August 2011 - pm

A early evening visit to West Acre after work, a bit of sunshine and the Green Sandpipers were obliging....some even had did I sat in the hide, on my own as usual, (too expensive to hire the key remember) watching three Green Sandpipers fly around the pool. Then a male Redstart being mobbed by a clump (or whatever the collective name is for them)  of Chiffchaffs. As I pondered, I snapped away at these lovely waders. So here some pics of the Green Sands of West Acre......

This pool has had these birds, plus three others, for many months now - fantastic and how long will they stay ? It's a great feeling to open the flap of the hide and see these birds. Other usual suspects were there including a Moorhen having a dip
 then looking a bit more like a real Moorhen, oh yes and reflecting...
on leaving I was once again treated to a Hobby attack. Again too quick but shot directly into the sun so this pic over exposed in order to just see his "red trousers" . I am considering entering this for the worst photograph of a Hobby ever taken, and if that doesn't win then I'll go for worst Swallow pic !
Remember, stay away from West Acre !!!

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