Sunday, 7 August 2011

Four of 'em.... at least !

Sunday 7 August

A long overdue visit to Tallent's Meadow at West Acre and on opening the hide flap I was greeted by some fairly grumpy looking Egyptian Geese.
Funny looking things really
and occasionally giving the odd, and I mean odd, aggressive posture
After dismissing such escaped convicts I searched around the pool for other, more "real" birds. And there it was a Green Sandpiper, excellent, happily feeding away, and hang on, in the distance behind ...another wader...which was another Green Sand, and then another ! In the end at least four birds and possibly a fifth which I saw fleetingly but couldn't be certain it was an extra...
wonderful though...

I watched these birds for a good couple of hours, feeding actively (the birds that is), having a rest then feeding again. I can't recall having seen this number on such a small area before. And at this point I would like to remind anyone wishing to visit West Acre Scrape that the estate have installed new retina  scans for the hide, so the key isn't enough ! Please heed my previous advice to leave the place well alone. After all the Kingfisher is supposed to sit on this post in front of the hide, well it never does.
So time to leave, as just as I did this immature Hobby flew past the hide with barely enough time for me to lift the camera as it shot past in nano seconds. A pleasant couple of hours on a sunday morning

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