Friday, 17 June 2011

Twice Bittern.....

Friday 17 June

A very early morning flit to Titchwell again just in case the Bitterns were still around. The distinct lack of people answered my question, but to my amazement the adult bird was apparently still flying around. Clearly too boring for the crowds - great ! So I gave it a couple of hours, during which time there were two flight runs to feed the chicks. Unfortunately it was rather dull and the birds were quite a way off.

Apparently the female had called the chicks to her yesterday late afternoon and the young had swum across the scrape to the northern section of reeds. Glad I missed that ! Jamie Mc C said it was awesome, some praise from him.

Prior to the Bittern flights however, the Bearded Tits were calling nearby and a group of five young were messing about in the reeds. Note the brown dead reeds, killed by Wainscot moth maggots (caterpillars), - they sound more evil referred to as magotts.

 And then it was time for the Bittern to fly to the young, this time being harassed by a Black-headed Gull.

 being a reed bed everything is a bit brown, the Bitterns are brown, the Bearded Tits are brown, so a nice splash of colour was welcome by a passing Goldfinch (note the brown flanks).

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