Friday, 23 July 2010

Disgusting !

23 July 2010
Some would say this is a really horrible creature, but then he did find this Toad by the compost heap, so I am pleased he is searching for wildlife in the garden. My own activities have been curtailed in the last six weeks with pressures of work, the loss of my Dad, and battles with the County Council and the English School System.
The garden continues to be filled with families of the usual common birds, plus Siskins. And it does seem to be a good year for Bullfinches as they are becoming much more regular here, even in the back garden now, but forever wary and hiding behind vegetation. The local Coal Tits have become the most vocal while young Blackbirds and I'm pleased to say a Song Thrush add to the summery sounds of food begging. End of July and you'd expect a few waders, but sadly the wet patch in the field behind has been drained so no chance of any Green Sandpipers this autumn. Common Terns are still regularly visiting the pond behind, but the reduction in reeds had resulted in an absence of Sedge Warblers this summer.

Locally the Lakes are flooded with tons of biomass in the shape of young Grey Lag and Egyptian Geese, I'm not sure which is worse. Not a single Turtle Dove in the village this year, what has happened to these wonderful birds ? Last year there were three pairs and in previous years they were bringing their young into the garden. I have seen only one bird all year and that was on Lundy ! Still loads of Whitethroats so lets keep positive, and the Little Owl has been active and calling in the evening.

I am now dusting off the camera and re entering the arena ! More to follow soon.