Monday, 3 May 2010

Tis a bootiful bird

1 May 2010 - problem uploading these pics means they are a bit fuzzy, not just out of focus !
I'm sure that if these were rarities we would be going bonkers about them. The riot colours and the patterning on their backs and wings is really fantastic, and this is what occupied my viewing on this particualr morning.
but then the whole bird is pretty impressive
and then as it is in nature, the female is so much duller (generally)
but her role is for camoflague, not the showy fisticuffs of male Pheasants.
The scrape was reasonably quiet and my time strictly limited (Tom had acquired two new baby rabbits and needed help with the new hutch) though this Moorhen wandered past
and a Black-headed Gull flew in and out.

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