Monday, 17 May 2010

Pond alert !

17 May 2010
This morning started with a bang, "what's that funny duck on the pond?" said Sam - well not that funny but a Pentney garden rarity. I found myself looking at a pair of Tufted Ducks (female hidden by reeds). They didn't stay long as the bully Geese arrived.

 I hasten to add this isn't our pond, rather the one our garden at the back of the house overlooks. It is also home to a pair of Mallards and regular visits from Common Terns. Whitethroats were in full song and our Swallows were making regular sorties in and out of the garage, repairing their nest. More pooh splattered cars this summer. Unfortunately the House Martins have shown no interest in our special House Martin nesting cups.

The trip to Lundy recently taken resulted in two good finds, Bluethroat and Nightjar, with a fly over Pipit which I was later able to identify as Tawny after listening to a CD of flight calls. More on this trip in due course.

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