Monday, 19 April 2010

Snets is the pits

Monday 19 April
A day off, so decided to have a walk round Snettisham Pits, with recent sightings of Mediterranean Gulls and a few weeks ago Shorelarks. None of that to be seen today (by me), but a good walk next to the sea. Nice to see unusual species and perhaps the more exotic.????...try guessing what these belong to:
and rather disappointingly its this !
Egyptian Geese couldn't be less brash if they tried, still I guess fortyish years ago it was a rarity in the country with Norfolk being one of the best places to see one.

The Black-headed Gull colonies were in full and noisy swing, great places to watch endless tooing and frooing, accompanied by endless disputes. No Meds though, not that I could see anyway.

Out on the Wash and thousands of waders, mostly too far out for decent views as I was scopeless, but just occasionally a few birds would fly a little closer, here a bunch of Black-tailed Godwits.
There is now a circular walk round the Pits which makes it more fun and in desperation the only bird of note I could find was a Barnacle Goose, there has been one kicking about earlier in the year round Titchwell which was deemed to be genuine, could this have been it ? unlikely.
It was a grey old day but I decided to try my newly found (rather introduced to) pool.
It's a great place, limited access and all the permits have been issued so no further access is being granted - leave it alone ! Go to the coast, anywhere, far more birds elsewhere and this place is clearly infested with snakes.
With the skies getting greyer I had a half hour sit and views of Green Sandpiper.

Blurred and horrible but better than the ones taken from the back garden.

So finally back home, via a quick stop at Pentney lakes. Last week the lakes had Redstart and Little ringed Plover. The Plovers were there but no sign of the Redstart, not surprisingly. A look through the Swans first because they are big and easy, never anything of a surprise here of course,
and then hang on a minute there's a slightly smaller turns round and I'm staring at a Whooper Swan, only my second in Pentney.
Home for tea......possible Blue Rock Thrush on Lundy......Oh no......another goodie missed.

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