Thursday, 29 April 2010

Bundle !

21 - 27 April
It started off as a lovely calm day.
Mallard ducklings were going about their business, the Green Sandpiper was still present flying round the scrape, Egyptian Geese were floating about and the Shelduck were minding their own business. I settled in and allowed my mind to drift as there was little action and just the usual birds.
I counted nine ducklings and marvelled at how quickly they could move across the water (just as well). The Egyptian Goose moved from it's nest on the island and over towards the female Mallard . I noted how much bigger the Goose was and it's rather brash colouration compared to the dull, camouflaged appearance of the........
.hang on ....what's happening here ???
The Egyptian Goose made an unprovoked attack on the Mallard, or was it being frisky, either way the chicks dispersed and the beginning of world war three was about to begin......
The Mallard fought back and extracated itself, but the Goose wasn't giving up and launched for another attack.
Cue the arrival of two Shelduck who had previously just been on lookers, but had decided to get stuck in as well, this Goose needed dealing with !
By now it seemed every bird on the scrape was taking an interest and, as the fight continued, the Shelduck gained the upper hand. The Goose had cleared pecked of more than it could grind here and started the retreat.
But hormones were flowing and with the sudden arrival of two more Shelducks , the bundle took another turn, now it was Shelduck on Shelduck.
The intruding Shelduck soon left and as I had to look around the scrape I noticed the Goose coming back for some more, not for long, as the Shelduck launched itself again. all attention was back on the Goose. 
This was all too much. I put the camera down and watched the next five minutes of continued mayhem. And then I went off to work, a nervous wreck !

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