Tuesday, 6 April 2010

All aboard the......

6 April 2010
Up early and at 5am in the dark first bird to be heard singing was, not surprisingly, a Robin. Work then intervened until at a little after 6 am the fast paced song of a Skylark broke my concentration. It was clearly nearby so time for a quick coffee as the light improved and then to the field over the road, and there he was....having a rest before taking to the air again, a sound that reminds me of Lundy.
So back to the house and in the hedge a bird that has only just started to visit the garden. It is a bit of a traitor this one preferring to spend it's time next door poking round the dog kennel and below their feeders, but this time it was out in the sun, in my garden, and nailed ! A cracking Yellowhammer.
I final look on the fields by the house and a Red-legged Partridge gave me a look.
So finally off to work and en route a quick stop at Choseley for the Corn Buntings, which duly obliged. A great start to the day.

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