Monday, 15 March 2010

It's back

Monday 15 March - 8am
I said it was eagerly awaited and it didn't disappoint. A check of the field out back while readying Tom for school and there was a small wader on the waterlogged field. The Green Sandpiper had returned, or at least I presume it's the same bird and not an early Spring migrant. Clearly seen here !

and with the wonders of cropping....
one Green Sandpiper. Other birds present were two Moorhens, five Woodpigeons and two Mallards. All happily feeding away. The Green Sandpiper stayed for about an hour before this (below) great gullumphing thing wandered over. Strange to think that just under forty years ago I used to hitch up to Norfolk from Kent to twitch these, and now, not only Norfolk but Pentney is full of them - Egyptian Goose.

Subtle they are not!

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