Wednesday, 3 March 2010

A boootiful morning......

2 March 2010 we say in Norfolk. So nice to wake up to a day without rain and by 7.30am the sun was breaking through. And a very alert Robin making sure any other intruders were put down.

A quick check of the feeders, the usual suspects plus now frequently Long tailed Tits

And then in among the Blue and Great Tits someone was playing peekaboo, and that someone turned out to be

Yup a Marsh Tit, there for a few seconds and then gone. I await it's return...eagerly !
I look out over the field and see something larger moving slowly along the hedge.

...a Muntjac
and then overhead a flock of birds that weren't corvids, now this is a surprise and what's more they were not Woodpigeons,  instead quite a rare sight, a group of about fifty Lapwings, part of the flock here

and finally around the front of the house, another mammal but smaller this time as the Harvestile Bank Vole made another appearance, albeit at high speed ! I am sure it's getting smaller.

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