Saturday, 13 March 2010

Blasted Barn Owls

Saturday 13 March
The forecast said a sunny day, but in reality it was grey skies early on. Given the dull conditions I quickly put the camera on the back seat and set off to work. Just outside Grimston and suddenly at the side of the road a Barn Owl sat on a post. I drove past slowly, pulled in and grabbed the camera - Hmmm the dull conditions had relaxed my preparations so when I got hold of the camera I found there was no card in it ! Grasping around the car I found a 4MB card - excellent - put it in, and it said card Full ! crisis now as I could still see the Barn Owl. Found another card and turned the car round. Slowed down as I approached it and of course it was looking away !
and then it saw something in the grass......
the shutter clicked and it heard, looked at me and flew off. It's still not the great shot of Barn Owl I have set my heart on this year, but for a dull day and with just a couple of seconds, it's acceptable.

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