Friday, 12 February 2010

Ruddy birds

12 February 2010
A drive back past Pentney Lakes allowed for a brief stop and scan, all the usual suspects...
. and then a couple of ginger suspects. Two Ruddy Shelducks, which at the right time of year and accompanied by the right mix of wild birds, could have been quite exciting. But as ever these somewhat dubious sightings are all too often escaped captive birds. They may have been in the wild for some years, but today they just didn't fire up the binoculars. A female Goosander was however a nice diversion. And as per last few trips the Common Gulls well outnumbered the Black-headed Gulls.
Back home for a coffee and looking into the garden and the field behind a small blob by one of the flooded ares. It wasn't an Egyptian Goose as usual so mega alert. A Sandpiper, I could hardly believe my eyes,
camera in hand and dashing out the door, but sadly not quick enough to beat the black and white cat that put the bird up the instance I got to the garden, a quick fire shot or two of a dark underwing and blindingly white rump confirmed it as a Green Sandpiper. After consultation with the oracle (Lammergeier Bedford)  it appears a few do overwinter. Cracking record for Pentney and the garden fields. And here it is....just !
So back to the cooling coffee, still not be drunk as the garden was invaded by Long tailed Tits.

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