Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Polish ramblings.......

Friday 29 January 2010
and it's off to Stansted to zip over to Poland for a short weekend break. Ok so it's cold over there but a quick visit to see how the house is going and maybe a few birds....
or some mammals, like these Roe Deer. Birds well ? hardly a thing moving. Perhaps the previous weeks'
 - 26 degres had something to do with it. Ravens and Rooks, that was it, plus a tantalising flock of small passerines, gone all too quick. House fine. temperatures falling and snow coming in again, back to Poznan

pictured here at 3.45pm

followed here pictured at 3.50pm - snow wipe out. The normal one and three quarter hours trip took three and a half hours.

More importantly no birds and I realised how much this made the trip feel a bit lacking. Still hopefully as the seasons progress and more than a few hours allow, the next trip will be better. That said the evening in Poznan we had was great.

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