Thursday, 25 February 2010

Let it snow, let it snow, let it.....

Wednesday 24 February 2010
An early morning "wandering" to the coast at Salthouse and the chance to catch up with some Snow Buntings. As I drove into the beach car park a few small birds flew up and I thought, excellent about twenty birds and still around......well there were more
in all about a hundred and twenty birds in all different stages of plumage, from dull females to bright males. Actually, they all looked superb, but rather fast moving and with dull light it wasn't easy. Here however is a medly, or should I say flurry of some Snow Buntings........

So a car park full of these great little birds and only me taking photographs, bitingly cold north east wind and just about to really get to grips with it when several more cars and birders arrived, so I left. Apparently these birds have been there a while and are used to being fed, another visit would be great if they hang on a bit longer.

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