Saturday, 2 January 2010

End of days

31 December 2009
So the last day of the year and a morning walk round the village to the lakes. A recent snowfall adding to what hadn't thawed. The garden was fairly full of the usual suspects, feeding on the berries, like this female Blackbird, while the rest were attacking the nut and seed feeders.

Out over the fields and a remarkable lack of hedgerow and field birds. A few Meadow Pipits and a Reed Bunting in one of the ditches, then looking out across the rolling snow covered fields at some distance I saw a group of huddled up shapes. Fixing them in my sights and likening them to the North Pole I set out, in a black coat against the white snow, not good field skills! Just before they flew I managed a snap.

it was a group of eleven Grey Partridges (seven seen here) presumably hiding from the local shoot.The fields held nothing much else, though the speciaes count was up to twenty two, so down to the road and a look at the Lakes

and here added another seventeen species, with over a hundred Wigeon, fifty Teal and a single Redshank, among others. Plenty of Black-headed Gulls, seen below

Coming round back to the village and I heard that plaintive little whistle of a Bullfinch, they have been getting more regular in the bushes lining Narborough Road, but are incredibly difficult to creep up on, that added to any traffic makes this my best shot yet ! No it isn't a Robin

and that was the end of 2009 for my diary

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