Sunday, 1 November 2009

And the beet goes on........

October 2009

Much time spent in the garden recently preparing for the autumn, even though it's so mild. Just a few insect ravaged brassicas waiting for the compost heap and these beetroots, last batch of a super 09 crop.

Birds visiting the garden have slowed down a bit, presumably plenty of wild food outside our patch to be had, but the goldfinches remain loyal.

as does the Great spotted Woodpecker which, with the Jays, can empty one peanut feeder in two days

and unfortunately so do the moles which have been causing havoc with what used to be a lawn, I have managed to identify their fortress which is a huge molehill and by the looks of it contains several thousand of the pesky little chaps... still you know what the farmers say, always best to see them at the six bells, 6am noon, 6pm and midnight.

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