Sunday, 21 June 2009

A nice little spot......

Saturday 13 June 2009 fact, two nice Little Spots in the form of two Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers. I had heard them calling early in the morning and couldn't believe my ears as only once before has one ever graced the garden. At first it sounded like a distant Greater Spot calling but then I realised this bird was close, that meant it wasn't a Greater but it's less strident cousin the Lesser. But where was it ? Well it was in fact in the Willow Tree and then flew over the garden towards the road. For the rest of the weekend I could hear the birds (two of them) drumming, which was a very odd time of the year for them to be doing that, but more importantly singing and with numerous very quick flights over and around the garden - brilliant! 

The Swallows in the garage were doing well with regular feeding from the adults and I would estimate they have about two weeks to go before fledging, maybe earlier. 
and finally this chap decided to lord it around the lawn, a fine and quite self assured Red legged Partridge.

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