Tuesday, 7 April 2009

It didn't fly off !

7 April 2009

The local Barn Owls have been very active over the last few weeks, but never when I had the camera to hand. Luckily, this morning, this one miscalculated and sat on a post just long enough for me to fire off a snap. 

Two Swallows have returned to Harvestile Farm and look as though they are going to nest in the garage again. A single Chiffchaff has been singing at the back of the garden for the last few days, but no sound or sight of any Willow Warblers yet.

The Birdless Cuddesdon debate over Woodpigeons and their irregular pupils (not a school). This one isn't too bad but they do tend to vary considerably.

And sometimes they are just downright shy about showing you.

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